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Meet, Twiler

Entrepreneur, #1 Best Selling Author, Mom and Motivational Speaker

Twiler Portis is an entrepreneur, mentor, and millionaire networker whose very story has touched and transformed the lives of thousands. Twiler’s entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with her passion for business has afforded her the unique opportunity to executive produce television shows, invest in business start-ups, mentor small businesses, resulting in thousands of families receiving healthy five figure incomes per month. But before the work, there was the woman: a speaker and philanthropist – helping those in search of the chance to live their best lives and in the process, learn to live full and die empty.

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Mrs. Portis is a trusted business partner and Lifelong friend. Her commitment to excellence not only helped to accelerate my own business and personal growth but also inspired 1,000's of people to "Live Full and Die Empty".

Shauna Davidson-Curry

Business Analyst| Author | 6-figure earner



Working with Twiler Portis for 6 years now, I have been  able to live a life free of financial limitations while still working full time in corporate America. Twiler has taught me how to work full time on my job and part time on my fortune here with TLC. I am very grateful for Twiler Portis being my sponsor and her showing me how to lead thousands of people to financial freedom! 

Mark White

Networker | 500K Earner


Working with Twiler is incredible, she not only talks the talk but walks the walk. She leads with grace, passion, fire and is a master in what she does. She is serious about changing people's lives and is serious about helping others unlock their next level.

Nthati Makgalemela

Business leader | 200k Earner

South Africa


Positive is the first word that comes to mind when describing my working relationship with Twiler Portis, she is a giver.  She is focused on making everyone better around her.  Although she is the boss, she will never ask you to do something she’s not willing to do herself.   Leadership is her character.  She is also nurturing.  Last but certainly not least,  she is dependable.  If she says she is going to do something you can rest well in knowing that it will be done in an excellent manner that will only edify the goal of both parties.  Twiler Portis is perfect.

Jarrod Lacy

Mutli-Platinum Grammy Nominated Producer



Working with Twiler Portis has been a pure blessing. She has taught us the power of a dream card and believing again. Because of borrowing her belief and inspiring us to believe AGAIN we are forever grateful for her! 

Jay & Sonia Atchison

Power Couple | 6+ figure earners 

Screenshot 2021-06-17 at 8.20.05 AM.png

It has been so valuable to be mentored in my business with Twiler Portis. After working with Mrs. Portis I have been able to accomplish goals as a best-selling author, documented 6figure ring earner in Network marketing,  CEO, Visionary, and Founder with many successful purpose work projects. Mrs. Portis has poured into my life so that I am able to experience above-average success… and I’m so inspired to get better.

Shannon Adams

Best-selling Author | CEO



My latest publication explores my journey to financial freedom through impact. Legacy is a major key to pushing your brand across the globe.

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